Trey Hill
Artist Statement

My new body of work springs from the lure of attraction, seduction, sensuality, beauty, and grace. I am fascinated not only by the sensuality and grace of the human form, but also the exploration of the prosaic. I pull forth emotions that are at once, beautiful and raucous, yet elemental and essential, all the while exploring our human hesitancies.

The work employs anatomical fragments along with other recognizable images to create pieces that reflect these complex inquiries. By employing segments of the universality of human experience, my work alludes to the hauntingly delicate beauty of the exterior that masks the emotion and strength of structure that lies beneath the surface. Using various forms as building blocks to create larger works, I am able to able to deeply explore my curiosities and maintain a technically challenging studio environment.

I aim to seduce the senses while exploring the fragile boundaries that weave human sexuality, strength, power, emotion, and vulnerability into one cohesive identity.